ULTRASTOR® in Healthcare




ULTRASTOR products are used in a variety of healthcare and medical IT applications, such as:

  • Data backup
  • Medical imaging, PACS
  • Digital records management
  • Infrastructure virtualization
  • Archive compliance
  • Database storage
  • Research and development


Customer Testimonials

"ULTRASTOR provided NaviMedix an extremely powerful, yet cost effective data storage solution. Our SAN is the cornerstone of our virtualization deployment and has provided us the speed and reliability required to operate a 24x7 environment."
Craig Richard, NaviMedix

"During the 30 months we have had this array; we have experienced two power surges. No only did I not experience any data loss, the drives rebuilt themselves and kept right on functioning."
Scott Freeman, Genomics Institute, Novartis

"This is just incredible that we can do everything in just one unit! Enhance Technology not only has great storage products but excellent customer service."
Kenaz Thomas, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation


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